Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning is simply a great way to improve your body by losing body fat and defining muscle at the same time – without spending hours plodding away on a cross trainer.

Strength & Conditioning is about maximum return for your input in a short period of time, with a structured approach to training.  

Finally, it’s not scary, it’s not difficult (well maybe a little difficult or it wouldn't achieve anything) and it REALLY can be done by absolutely anyone!

Suitable for all abilities and ages and can be adapted to the individual.

Our Classes

With Claire

Tuesday: 6-7pm & 7-8pm

Wednesday: 7-8pm

Saturdays: 10-11am

With Ian

Thursday: 7 - 8am

To join one of our classes, simply contact us below or call 07834 315 052.
Your first class is half price (£3)


Contact us 

  • Call us on 07712 888 907
  • In store at "Up & Running", 29 Bridge street, Chester, CH1 1NW